If you are looking to keep your interior protected from dirt, dust, and the occasional spilled drinks and snacks from your toddler, look no further than 4×4. We are a certified dealer for brands such as WeatherTech, Rough Country, and more that offer everything from all-weather floor mats and cargo liners, to entry guards and seat covers. For the car enthusiast, we have also teamed up with numerous companies that provide seats, shift knobs, even steering wheels!

Floor Mats & Cargo Liners

All weather floor mats and cargo liners are a necessity in North Carolina! Let’s face it. We live in an area where you can wake up to a frosty morning only to find your self in a heat wave by early afternoon. It can snow and feel like beach weather all in the same week.

That’s why you need to have Weather Tech mats! Engineered for an ideal fit and hugs the interior of your vehicle to prolong its condition. Weather Tech liners are made to trap fluids and debris so they do not reach your vehicles flooring.

Help your vehicle hold it’s value by doing something s simple as upgrading your floor and cargo mats. Did we mention these are great for the avid mudder? Pull them out and hose them off. Hit the easy button.

Seats & Seat Covers

Seat covers offer an arrangement of benefits:

  • Protection from the SUN! Ever notice how your interior fades over time? Seat covers can easily prevent the sun from dulling your car’s interior.
  • They maintain resale value of the vehicle. When buying cars, shoppers often look at the interior of the vehicle to see how it was up-kept (smells of smoke, outrageous pet hair everywhere, or your toddler’s gummies melted in the backseat). Seat covers easily provide protection from all of these, and so much more!
  • Last but not least, they come in all different styles and colors! Spruce it up a little!

We are also paired up with numerous racing companies and off-road companies that offer seats. Looking for a more bulky seat to hold you on those rough and rocky terrains, or maybe even a seat that holds you a little tighter while on the track? We have the perfect set up just for you!

Entry Guards & Dash Panels

Entry guards simply protect the door sill area from getting scratched up and damaged. This also provides extra benefit on keeping the interior a little cleaner. We offer numerous brands to help with the protection of the door sills, paint around the entry area, and even the interior!

Shift Knobs

Spruce up your interior with our stylish selection of shift knobs, including tons of different colors, types, sizes and even shapes. Our weighted shift knobs will give you that heavy throw in each shift, while our carbon fiber shift knobs will offer that stylish appeal you’ve been waiting for! We have teamed up with teams such as Mishimoto, Sparco, NRG Innovations, Blox, and many others that offer great products at reasonable prices!

Grab Handles

Put it in drive, hit the gas and hold on; it’s time to hit the trail or track. While grab handles provide support when getting into and out of the cabin, 4×4 enthusiasts use them for much more. Stock handles may be plastic and are often mounted in the ceiling (BOOOOOOORING!) Our grab handles come in many colors and materials to hold up under heavy-duty use. They are also extremely versatile in trucks, SUV’s, and also cars! Add a simple touch of style with functional execution with our assortment of grab handles!