Wheels and Tires

Get your New Wheels and Tires "All Terrain Tires / Mud Tires"

Are you looking to stand out in the crowd? Climb the nearest rock? Gain more traction on the track? Look no further than 4×4 & Outdoors. We offer the biggest, baddest name brands in wheels and tires that the industry has ever known! Quality wheels and tires can make or break your vehicle (literally) with better handling options, overall driving style, and of course altering the appearance. Ranging from off-road setups to drag and street setups, we have the hook up just for you!


The initial reason people like to modify the wheels and tires of their vehicle usually starts with a yearning for greater aesthetics. Original Equipment (OEM) wheels for many applications can be very basic (sometimes ugly,) and adding your own individual flair to your ride necessitates an upgrade. Modifying your car’s appearance with a new set of wheels can give your car or truck the desired style you are looking for.

Adding a personal touch not only increases the look of the vehicle but can also enhance the drivability as well. Many, but not all, aftermarket wheels have reduced weight versus their OEM counterparts. Not only can this affect the overall gas mileage of the vehicle, but also allows the vehicle to handle responsively, especially on deficient roads. Lighter wheels allow for less vibrations, which in turn makes for an easier and more balanced ride overall.


Performance tires provide tight handling and stiff steering response. The tires also offer better grip which equals shorter braking distances (prolonging brake life as well as stopping you quicker.) Performance tires offer stiff sidewalls which give the benefit of good cornering and sharper steering response.

All Terrain Tires can get your vehicle across most terrains. While they aren’t the best off-roading tires, if you happen to get yourself on a dirt road right after a heavy rain they’ll get you through it.

Mud Tires – While all terrain tires are made to be variable in most conditions, mud tires are designed specifically for off-road adventures. The tread blocks are larger and can get through rocks and looser ground like mud or sand. The walls are also thicker to better tolerate sharp edges compared to their all terrain counterpart.

Spacers/Lug Nuts

Wheel spacers are commonly used to ensure that a particular set of wheels will fit properly on a vehicle. If wheels interfere with suspension components or body in the inner wheel arches, then installing a set of wheel spacers may solve this problem by setting the wheels further away from the body.

Another reason that wheel spacers are used is to make a vehicle look better. Wheels that come out to the edge of a vehicle’s body line give the vehicle a better “stance.” Wheel spacers have been used for years by companies such as Porsche to not only improve handling but to make the vehicle look more aggressive.

An Additional reason for using wheel spacers is to improve the handling of your vehicle. Wheel spacers are installed between the hub and the wheel and push the wheel further away from the chassis, widening the track. This increases the amount of grip that your vehicle has in corners, allowing faster cornering. Spacers can also change the balance of your car’s handling and overall drivability.